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Is there anything better than vacation? How about a vacation with your very best friend?

We at Canine Club Getaway (CCG) believe that nothing beats a vacation that caters to you AND your dog. But what items should you bring during an amazing trip? What important things should not be forgotten? How to make your vacation perfect? We are here for you with providing tons of useful travel tips, buying guides and product reviews.

I graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California. I practiced in California Veterinary Hospital for three years and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts. There, I began practicing as a dog veterinarian. I am also the author of multiple books revolving around pet-care. I am also working as a professional writer for several online publications. The purpose of my writing is to guide people about how they can take care of their pets. I have written several articles to teach people how to maintain a healthy life for their pets. Currently, I am living with a wife, a son, and two dogs.
Dr. Alex Boyum